Colt/New Vaquero safe load with 325gr cast boolits

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May 31, 2008
carroll county ms
I was curious if anyone had a load that is safe for a New Vaquero or Uberti? I love the bullet and would like to load it for my weaker guns. I have asked the question on other forums but have not come up with an answer that I feel comfortable with.

Hodgdon lists loads for 300gr jacketed bullets with HS-6 and Universal at 13.7K max. With the HS-6, there is 1 grain difference between start and max(9gr st/10gr max) with a 4k increase in pressure for that 1 grain. Would the start load of 9 grains be safe for my 325 LBT? Guess I am not quite brave enouth to start building a load and looking for pressure signs without a little guidance. Besides, I figure a New Vaquero might give up the ghost before I ever see a flattened primer or obvious pressure signs.

I have aked this before here and I also have posed the same question on Singleactions hoping someone here will have some experience with this combination.