Colonial coins; 1724 to 1881 REDUCED!

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
I was doing a bit of looking for something,, and discovered I have several colonial era coins that aren't really my interest. These coins were received as token prizes from metal detector competition hunts. None were buried,, but a token was buried,, and considered a "special" find. Later,, the tokens were swapped for the assigned prize.
There are a total of 15 coins. They list as follows;
1724 1/2 penny
no date large cent
1822 large cent
1832 large cent, med letters
1834 large cent, large 8 & stars med letters
1837 large cent, some cleaning has been done
1847 large cent, very nice
1849 large cent, very nice
1851 large cent, shiny clean
no date 1 cent
1865 2-cent piece
1867 2-cent piece
no date 2-cent piece
1853 3-cent silver
1881 3-cent nickle

EDIT;;;;; REDUCED 1/14/24; $300.00 OR BEST OFFER!!! These need a new home.

Now after doing a bit of research as to condition, (I'm not a pro) and rarity, I have come up with a value range from a low of $280.00 to a high of $405.00. I will take $325.00 shipped & insured. First "I'll take it" prevails. Questions welcomed,, but the first "I'll take it" will still prevail.

Colonial coins.JPG
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