Cleaning the safe and BearCats a rant.

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Sep 27, 2001
Pima County Arizona
When the nest here at the Ranch empties. The wife and I are going to be hard to find.

I have been stressing about cleaning out the safe for months. I have guns, parts and tools. I counted eight different calibers of ammo in the bunker! Man I am stressed.

I will keep the 10mm Glock and a large caliber six-gun yet most of the hand guns must be sold. Sigh.

Except for the BearCats. I was reacquainting myself with these little guys during my tearful rummage. It came to mind-again-as things seem to do these days. That
we as a forum have discussed the wonders of this diminutive revolver.

It has a transfer bar. It loads six. It has old model lock-work. It has a one piece grip/cylinder frame. If this little gun was the size of a New Model Vaquero or a Blackhawk it would be swell. Thats all. Thanks for listening. Calthrop


Jun 4, 2010
I feel your pain.......I have been liquidating much of my rifle collection, for various reasons......many of the rifles I have sold were ones I said years ago "I'll never sell this one" line in the sand is my Ruger and S&W revolvers, I'll live on rice and beans and walk to work before I am forced to sell any of those :) I think I would let them come hook my car up before I let some of my favorite Rugers go......

Just settled a bunch of credit card debt, started a new job that doesn't pay quite as much as I need right now, waiting for my GI Bill "on the job training" pay to hopefully start at some point this millenium (asking the govt. to work fast! Especially to give you money! HA! :cry: ) And here and there, to maintain my sanity, I am using some of the money from selling to add a new Ruger or S&W to my collection......I need to at least feel like I'm getting SOMEthing out of this deal! Watching money made from selling a nice M1 Garand go right to the credit card company was making it hard to get out of bed in the morning.....a few Service Sixes, a used GP100 and a couple old S&W M&P's sure helped to take the burn off of it a little........