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Feb 11, 2010
I'd like to put together a comprehensive cleaning kit. What items do you use most often, find most useful and/or necessary, and what brands/makers do you recommend? I have seen some "all in one" kits online and at retail stores, but I wonder if I can put together a better kit myself. I want to put it in a nice carry case, like a canvas bag, for example, so I am also wondering how you keep or store your supplies, oils, lubes, solvents, etc.

Any tips and info will be appreciated! BTW, I will be using this kit for revolvers only, in case that matters for your recommendations.


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Well, I have a lot of guns,, so I have a lot of cleaning equipment. I have been using a fishing tackle box for years to hold all the stuff I need,, and it's still not quite what I need. It works for a lot of things,, but not everthing.
First,, you will need cleaning rods, jags, patches, proper sized brushes, bore cleaner, gun oil, Q-tips, old toothbrushes, a dental pick, proper sized boresnakes, and a borelight. That's for starters.
Now as to brands,, quality 1 piece cleaning rods are best, (Dewey, Tipton, ProShot come to mind,) with jags & brushes to match. Next, Hoppes #9 is a good all around bore cleaner, but if you have leading or excessive copper you might find a few others work good too. There are several good gun oils out there,, find what works for you.
Ballistol is a good product,, and well worth the money too.
These are a few thoughts from my collection of cleaning equipment.
Now,, a good kit to look at are the ones from Otis. They make a GREAT travel type of kit that can also be a primary one. Quality & compact.

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