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Jan 26, 2009
Ragnarok Farm, Iowa
Here is a must have for any 10/22 collector!

In 1987, John "Chief AJ" Huffer set the world record for shooting aerial targets with 18 hand tuned 10/22 rifles. Over the course of 8 days, Chief AJ shot 40,060 2.5" wooden blocks without a single miss!

Chief AJ began building rifles for RCA members, and the first run of 100 rifles were sold out by the end of the 1987 Louisville RCA theme show. This rifle, along with box, papers, test targets, and full documentation including a letter and cassette tape from Chief AJ, is number one of the second edition. It is built on a deluxe checkered sporter and was hand selected by Chief AJ himself. It has been custom tuned, just as the rifles used to set the record. Receiver stamped with CHIEF AJ. Nice wood. Rifle has been shot, but not much. Comes with k-mart 4x scope.

Offered for $850.00 plus shipping. Pictures coming soon!

ETA One small ding on left side of stock, picture tells the story. lines under are slight indentations, not scratches.

AJ box end.jpg
AJ right side.jpg


  • Chief AJ order letter.jpg
    Chief AJ order letter.jpg
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  • AJ test target 1.jpg
    AJ test target 1.jpg
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  • AJ test target 2.jpg
    AJ test target 2.jpg
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  • AJ nice wood.jpg
    AJ nice wood.jpg
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  • Chief AJ cassette.jpg
    Chief AJ cassette.jpg
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  • AJ ram line cat..jpg
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  • aJ catalogue.jpg
    aJ catalogue.jpg
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  • Chief AJ stock ding.jpg
    Chief AJ stock ding.jpg
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  • AJ manual etc..jpg
    AJ manual etc..jpg
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Oct 29, 2013
North of Minneapolis
I saw this yesterday, and just came back to see if pictures were uploaded yet.
Missed out on a great piece of history here.
Congrats to the new owner!

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