Bum Ruger 45 Bisley Convert.

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Jul 7, 2008
Kenai, AK
I just picked up one of the convert. Bisley Blackhawk's in 5.5" stainless. Beautiful gun, really fit my needs for a fun/carry gun with heavy loads.

Went to the range, all excited to play with the new toy. I had noticed that the mainspring seemed pretty heavy, but other than that, it seems to function fine--until I shot it. Once fired, and it doesn't matter whether light loads or heavy, it will cock fine onto the next chamber, but you can pull the trigger as hard as you want, and as many times, and the hammer will not fall. Only after you pull back on the hammer and pull the trigger at the same time can you let the hammer down. Then I can empty, and dry fire a couple times, reload and shoot another round. And then the cycle repeats.

After the first instance, I tore it down and found some filings sitting in the oil on the hammer. I removed, cleaned, re-lubed, and then it seemed better. Went to the range today--same darn thing. Bang, and then silence.

I am good and careful at taking things apart and placing back together, but am certainly not a smith--so do not mess with stoning or filing anything myself. I figure it needs to go back to Ruger--which is a chore from AK. But curious what folks thought the issue was or had expienced before.

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Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
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Wow, I've heard of the occasional filings or a few rough surfaces etc in one,, but not to the extent of your problem. Definately contact Ruger, BE POLITE, and ask that due to the difficulties of doing things from Alaska,, would they be kind enough to supply a prepaid shipping container for you to return it to them. They have been pretty good about correcting things when there is an issue.


Jun 18, 2001
Star Valley, WY
I bet the grip frame is binding the hammer. I make a habit to ALWAYS detail the hammer well and polish all basic "friction" areas on a new Ruger. But, that's coming from a guy who's been doing this for around 20 years....

Try a drop or two of oil on both sides of a "cocked" hammer and then cycle the lockwork on the empty gun a few hundred times. IF STILL STICKY then I'd remove the grip frame and look where the hammer "rides".

Even just removing the grip frame and reinstalling it may reduce some friction.

Internet Gunsmithing is the worst way to fix a gun........ :roll:



Jan 29, 2007
wildwillalaska, Welcome to the forum! You didn't say whether or not the gun was "new" in the box or used. If used, that hammer/trigger could very well have been "worked" on by "someone". I have seen revolvers, where the angles of the hammer/trigger sear steps had actually been "reversed" by "shadetrees" and the guns actually "jammed" and would not fire when the triggers were pulled! If indeed it "is" a new gun, take it to a local "competent" gunsmith for his evaluation before sending it back to Ruger. As flatgate noted, it could just be a mismatch of grip frame to cylinder frame reassembly!...........................Dick :wink:

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