Built from parts - KMK6

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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Here's my "newest" Mark II built from parts I was given and bought.

The frame was off a Mark II that had an integrally suppressed barrel installed by Ciener in 1992. The owner said it didn't shoot good any more and was loud (he never cleaned or maintained it). I did everything I could to try to get the barrel shroud off to see what might need to be done but to no avail. Did everything I could to see if it could be cleaned - no luck. It could not be saved. The customer told me to do what needed to be done. I did the paperwork to take it off the BATFE NFA Division Suppressor Register and then went to work with the dremel. This is what it looked like after cutting it apart and getting it off the receiver:



He told me that I could have the frame. I was able to save the bolt but I had to cut the receiver in half to fulfill the destruction of the NFA firearm.

Then I found a complete upper here on the forum at a great price and bought that. Then while at the Huntsville, AL show with ROCS I found a guy with a few Mark II and III grips and I got them for a good price. I liked the OD Green Hogues as they would go good with the build (they showed up gray in a couple of the photos). The frame is coated a gray color but I don't know how it was done or what was used but it looks ok so I'm not going to mess with it.

So one evening a week of so ago I put it together and got this: