Brass Framed Old Army W/.45Colt cyl. (Reduction)

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Dec 21, 2011
This is one sweet package that I have mixed emotions about letting go of but the decision has been made so here she is. This gun came to me in this configuration, can't say if it left the factory that way or not, I've not checked so I don't claim it to be a collector piece. The gun is in extremely nice condition, I personally have never used black powder in it but can't say previous to me. Bore looks excellent. No box or anything not in the photo.

Included is a Ruger Old Army nipple wrench and the Kirst conversion cylinder in .45 Colt. This gun is amazingly accurate with this conversion system and has allowed me to shoot this black powder firearm with smokeless powder at the local indoor range. Makes it very versatile.

Price out the pieces alone and this package is worth more than I'm asking. Split it up and you'll get an Old Army for a very good price, or keep it together and you have a great package. $900 Shipped