Bought My First 9mm

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Dec 17, 2015
Reading, Pa
I knew the day would come when I would buy my first semi-auto 9mm, two years ago the Ruger American Pistol Competition Model caught my eye. I wanted a high capacity full sized house gun so I held the standard full size model and it felt very nice but I liked the idea of the longer barrel and Hi Viz site so I waited, and waited, and waited. This week I checked again as I do every week or so and there it was, available for order, click, done. I’ll have it in a couple of days, ordered a magazine loader, some cleaning brushes, and an assortment of different cheap target ammo to see what it likes. My LGS has lots of different hollow points for me to try and I’ll probably pick up a bucket-o-bullets from him when I pick up the gun. Pictures and a full range report to follow.