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Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
graygun said:
Fox Mike said:
bogus bill said:
First test I ever scored a 100% on! Thanks!
What he said. I still have a ration book in my desk. As a kid I lived in what was then the country. A bus would show up on Saturday mornings, at Parks and Lamm store, and haul us into Annapolis and the gang of us went to the Republic movie house, got a box of Tootsie Rolls or Good and Plenty, and watched the western movie and the serial. Then across the street afterward for a fountain Coke at Reads Drug store then back on the bus and home. The entire dollar bill had been spent.

I used to go into Parks and Lamm once in a while and remember the elderly woman. I guess the bus wasn't going then.

Too bad Lee did not make it back from Vietnam.
The 'elderly' lady was Mae Parks who was Willie Lamm's mother-in- law.

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