Bob C's list of OM .357's.

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Oct 24, 2007
Ale8…I don’t think it shipped as 4 5/8”. I believe it was one of those which was held back and shipped much later than its serial number might indicate. I tried everything to track it down. Dave
The entry on Bob's List indicates it as having been shipped in May of 1958 as a BKH3, thus having a 4-5/8" barrel. The reported ship date indicates somebody along the line called the gun in to The Factory and got that info. The listing also indicates that at the time the gun was reported to The List it was wearing a 6-1/2" barrel, which is not altogether unusual. Stuff happens. As mentioned before, it does appear that this was a late-shipped gun. However, the 6-1/2" barrels didn't begin to show up until 1959. Many guns have been retrofitted with the longer tubes, either by owners or by The Factory.

This situation occurs frequently on The List. It's a record of how guns were reported at a specific time in the gun's life. It was the reason Bob started The List in the first place, him having seen guns over a period of time that had been changed since first seen. When he noticed such a thing he'd call The Factory for the gun's original ship date and configuration. He didn't get letters for many of them because he didn't want to wear out his welcome with the nice ladies in the records department. I have done the same on occasion myself.

We have never claimed that any one gun is/was absolutely "correct" due to the fact that things change over time. The List's best function is to reveal what was the "going trend" of manufacture at any particular time, a "snapshot in time" if you will. Your opinion as a previous owner is as valid as anything. :)
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Snake Pleskin

Mar 26, 2022
Well, not sure this will help but here are mine. 6.5 bbl Flat top,(28342) two 4/58 bbl(30-72903, 30-53369)


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