Blackhawk cyl and forcing cone adjustment

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Mar 30, 2010
Recently acquired a New Model Blackhawk, S.S., Bisley, 45 LC from a pawn. After I cleaned it I can see very rough machine marks in the cyl throats (one chamber has a 'chip' at the edge causing a burr, presumably from being dropped), and the forcing cone is also very rough, holding a lot of fouling and some lead. I joined RF today and have been reading some of the posts on this matter. I found the cyl throat reamers on the Brownell website but I could not find the forcing cone reamer /chamfer tool. Am I calling by the correct name? This same work would cost well over $200. I'd rather spend a little less (or about the same) and have the tools afterwards. I'd appreciate anyone informing me of where I can locate these various reamers and any other tools that may be required in this job. :)

Yosemite Sam

Mar 18, 2002
Welcome to the forum!

Brownells is the place. I'm not sure of the exact name of the forcing cone tool, but someone will supply it shortly, I'm sure.

Just so you know, there's currently a topic in the Classifieds section in which people are passing around a cylinder reamer. You might see what's involved in getting in on that. I've been real pleased to see that continuing to be a success.

-- Sam

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