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2 dogs

Oct 31, 2007
South Texas
These guns just came to hand, thought I would offer them to you guys first. Better move fast, they are priced to sell. Most of you know me, these items are all in A+ condition at least unless otherwise noted. I am not going to do photos as I am very pressed for time these days. Payment plan is available, I will do credit cards. Prices listed reflect a 3% cash discount. Shipping and insurance is extra. Most of these hanguns have boxes. Call me at 361 854 4424


Colt SAA 44 special 7.5" CCH/blue. The serial number is a SA suffix. 1750.00 SOLD
Colt SAA 357 mag. 7.5" CCH/blue. The serial number is a SA suffix. 1650.00 SOLD
Colt New Frontier 7.5" CCH 44 special 1550.00 SOLD
Colt New Frontier 7.5" 45 Colt has NRA presentation case 1600.00 SOLD
Dan Wesson stainless 357 8 3/8s 450.00
High Standard Supermatic Trophy 22 LR Fluted/Muzzle Brake/Target Sights/75% 450.00 SOLD
High Standard Olympic Citation 22 short Model 102 9" w/Muzzle Brake 75% 400.00 SOLD
High Standard Victor 22 LR 5.5" 85%+ 425.00 SOLD
Smith 41 22 LR Brake 8 1/4" 850.00 SOLD


Winchester Model 70 Post 64 sporter 300 H&H Redfield 1" base and ring set. 550.00 SOLD
Browning BAR 7mm RM nice wood, Belgian, Silver engraved reciever (Elk/Moose) 1000.00 SOLD
Remington Model 7 222 blue/walnut Leupold base/rings VXII 3x9 650.00 SOLD
CZ 527 Pretty wood/blue 221 Fireball Weaver 36X target scope 575.00 SOLD
Ruger 77 17 HMR Blue/Walnut Tasco 36x50 550.00
Ruger 10/22 Stainless Walnut Leupold 3x10 AO 475.00 SOLD
Sako AV 7mm Mag Blue Walnut Leupold M8-6X 1000.00 SOLD
Weatherby MK V 300 Wby Blue Walnut Leupold base and rings 975.00 SOLD
Winchester post 64 Model 70 Super Express 458 WM Weaver base/rings Redfield 4X 800.00 SOLD
Ruger Magnum 416 Rigby Express sights, heavy bbl, nice wood Redfield 2x7 1200.00 SOLD
Winchester pre 64 model 70 Blue Walnut 375 H&H 2500.00 SOLD
Winchester Classic Stainless 70 270 walnut Leupold VX III 3.5x10 AO 800.00 SOLD


Oct 25, 2002
Olathe, KS
No doubt bear paw!! I didn't see that one earlier when I looked or they wouldn't have had it :)