Betty White, STILL funny after her passing in 2021

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Sparks, NV
Mar 2, 2022

Ran across this article about Betty White and her best R-rated movie, Lake Placid. It's a coincidence as earlier this week,
I began binging Hot in Cleveland which is a hilarious show with many double entendres and suggestive language. Hot in Cleveland is streaming on Paramount+ which at $5/mo I find to be a bargain. I only subscribed to them so I could watch the latest Star Trek series.
Not only was Betty White Hot in Cleveland with all her lines, she was Hot back in the 50's. My uncle had some girly magazines and a deck of cards which featured Betty nude. If you want to get to laughing for each and throughout every episode, check out Hot in Cleveland. There were six seasons made up of 10 to 20+ episodes. You won't be disappointed.