best way to sell SRH in .480?

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Feb 12, 2008
I've got a Super Redhawk in .480 Ruger with a 7.5" barrel and no scope rings. It's one of the grey all-weather finish stainless models and is in solid 98% condition and I'm wanting to sell it because I have absolutely no use for such a cannon. I don't even know whether it's ever been fired, but it has surly been handled a bit, with the slightest visible amount of wear on the end of the barrel and faint turn ring on the cylinder. Very clean all around and with factory grips and sights, no box but I do have the manual. Nothing fancy, just a stock revolver with nice trigger. What's the best way to sell such a revolver? I don't think there's much of a market for large hunting handguns in my part of the country (Boise, ID), so I'm guessing might get a better price out of it online or maybe here, etc. I also have a blued New Model Blackhawk in .45 Colt with 7.5" bbl that's absolutely New In Box with not a round through it (other than what they do in the factory) and no cylinder ring whatsoever. I have no use for these large revolvers and would like to unload them for a fair price. For handguns .22lr/.22mag and .38 spl/.357 mag are more my flavor and are as large as I will ever need, being as I don't hunt anything other than small game with hand guns. What's a fair price for each these guns? Also, if you could give me some direction on how to sell them, it would be much appreciated!
Nov 16, 2008
The SRH in 480 without rings and box would most likely go in the $500 to $549 price.
The Blackhawk would be around $400 to $425.
There is a classifed section here that is a good place to start.

Both should go quick.