At My Local Boat Launch

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Mar 17, 2005
Philadelphia, PA, USA
On the last trip (or maybe the one before that) to Canada I made with my boat (14' open-hull w/9.9hp...a super-budget bass boat), I will admit I launched it without the plug. Thank goodness I saw it quickly and got the plug out of storage before the whole stern filled up...and then, thank goodness for the bilge pump.


Prior to that, and many years ago, we had a 16' 1959 Whirlwind with a 70s-era 40hp Johnson motor on it we used for bay fishing. We were launching the boat down at Cherrystone on Chesapeake Bay. There was a post with a sign at the edge of the ramp that said "Ramp Ends Here".

I was pushing the boat off the trailer and walking along the trailer rails (well-greased, as the trailer wasn't galvanized and Dad mush have had stock in Valvoline...since he rustproofed the trailer by slathering wheel bearing grease all over it with a paint brush). I was dead-even with the sign when I jumped off the trailer thinking "there must be a couple inches past the sign".

When I came to the surface, Dad was holding his sides, tears running down his face and laughing so hard. Not only did the ramp end RIGHT FREAKING THERE, but it dropped off about 30'...I was nowhere near the bottom when I went fully underwater...

Dad said that he was looking down and tying up the winch line when he heard a bit of a splashy "SPLASHOOOOOP!" and when he looked up, all that was there was my ball cap, floating on the surface...


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