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Sep 16, 2006
I think I have posted this before but I will repost. I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow gun owners in Illinois getting screwed.

This only applies to Illinois gun owners.

#1 You can buy magazines and gun parts directly from any out of state company or individual that wants to sell you those items. Today I saw a guy get told that he could only order a slug barrel for his Mossburg from a FFL dealer. Those living in the Chicago land area do have to worry about the different communities that limit mag capacity to 10 rounds.

#2 You are allow to purchase ammo from any out of state dealer willing to sell to you. Some companies like Cabelas, Buds Gun Shop and J&G Sales will require a photocopy of your FOID card and they will only ship to the address on the FOID card but they will ship. Most companies could care less about your FOID. Some companies like CDNN Investments will not sell ammo unless you hold an FFL in Illinois because they are scared of Chicago.

#3 Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, a FOID card is only an invention of the Great State of Chicago rammed down the throat of Illinois in 1968. You can walk into any gun store in all states except NY, MA and CA and purchase ammo while on vacation. You do need to have the card on your person if you wish to bring the ammo back into Illinois.

#4 You can purchase black powder firearms from any out of state dealer and or individual that is willing to sell to you (see #2).

In the past week traveling around the state I have seen someone lie telling a guy that Glock mags were $59.99 because of the Illinois FOID tax. Another man was told that he could only buy ammo from an FFL dealer in the state. Winchester 9mm was $49.99 at that dealer. My favorite was the dealer that told a man that the slug barrel for the Mossberg would have to have a special $50.00 registration fee (as per the state) over the already retail price of the barrel.

Please do not let some crooks screw you out of your hard earned money. Call the NRA help line if you have any questions. State Police loves it when dealers give out wrong information.


Apr 7, 2006
central New York
RE: #3 - Don't know where you have tried to purchase ammo in NY, but anywhere I buy it, no one asks to see any ID, state residence, etc. It might be different in some of the big cities, but then, I stay away from them anyway.