Anyone shot a 10/22 collector "2" yet?

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Dec 23, 2008
I'm a plinker, not a collector. This rifle appeals to me because of the ready-to-go peep sight set up. I don't wanna mess with a front sight change out to put the peep sights on a standard rifle. Also, the rail would make it easy to swap in and out with a cheap red dot. The nice new RAR stock and no rear iron sight are additional pluses for me.

How did you find the low comb with the peep? About right? Would the rear peep interfere with a red dot on the picatinney? Does the high front site cause red dot problems? If so, is the peep easy to take off and put back on? Any other snakes in the grass I might not see? I have not handled the gun, only seen pics at the Ruger site.

I shoot left handed and have mostly avoided autoloaders, but this one looks just right for the way I like 22's to be set up.

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