any entrepreneurs here that use fullfilment companies??

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Mar 5, 2006
As some of you may have read earlier, I am firing up my online business. It has been a real struggle.. I am making headway, but a few hurdles need to be dealt with.
Some of my products are being manufactured and shipped by other companies... However, the inhouse products are still an issue. My first thought was to sell on amazon, (still an option). Because I live many months where I cannot ship, due to my rather remote house. I need to be able to manufacture a bunch of items, then have someone else do the shipping.
There are Fullment companies out there. My question is... has anyone here who has, or sells online ever used such a company??
Until that is addressed my own products are in the R&D stage Only... Even if I could build and ship in the summer, it is a 40-mile trip to the post office. With gas still near $5 a gallon, I could go broke(er) pretty quickly.. (no.. there is no house pick up here)..
Any experiences??
On a side note.. My page will be up (mostly), in a week... There is a, Ruger Forum members only page, that has special, (as in retarded)... items and prices..
I am also looking for people who would be willing to field test gear for me. I have new products in development. (sorry.. no holsters). There will be gear for the outdoors, but no fancy schmancy stuff..

Ciao Ya'll


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