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Big John

Oct 16, 2013
Central Texas
I pulled the cylinder pin, probably more correctly called the base pin assembly, and the little pointy thing and the spring behind it came out. I was apawled. Thumbs up if you get that, but I digress. This was a 1977 stainless single six. My initial urge was to take things out to the shop, enlist the aid of my brilliant Son, a brass hammer and punch, but he is gainfully employed. So I called Ruger Customer Service.
It’s kind of hard to find the phone number for them, but it is there.
The nicest gal I’ve talked to in a while said she was going to send me a new base pin assembly. I got it yesterday.
The little brown envelope was correctly labeled KXR02900A. I opened it and out came a blued base pin assembly. I was able to call New Hampshire shortly before their day was done.
AGAIN, I had the pleasure to converse with a nice gal that very quickly pulled up my records and said ~ I guess somebody pulled the wrong part, we’ll have a stainless version in the mail tomorrow. I offered to send it back but she said don’t bother.
Very nice people. A very nice experience.
So, my overall score:
The base pin assembly failed after 44 years. The part that “failed” was part of a redundant safety system. Since the safety system was redundant, I’m going to score the a -.5
The phone number to call was kinda hard to find. But I remember brick streets and electric trolleys in East Texas. I’m going to score that a -.5
The first call was answered by a nice gal that understood my problem and quickly solved it. +2.
Quick on time delivery, although it was not necessary. +2
Resolved my second “problem” for $0.00, +4.
I end up with a blued base pin assembly that I can maybe trade or at least use to start a good story…+6.
So that’s a +13. That’s bigger than 11 for those of you that can get that.
Apr 2, 2014
You're happy, that what counts.

From Ruger's side, not so good.
Somebody did not do their job correctly....costing the company
an extra part, you and them an extra phone call, re-pulling the correct part, then
packing and shipping it all over again

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