Another Rise in Ammo Prices

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Apr 10, 2005
The simple fact is that your dollar's buying power is dropping rather rapidly. Some call it "inflation".....Getting on to to the ammo discussion, ammo prices last spiked when the latest Israeli war started up. Prior to that, some brands had already become overpriced for what you were actually getting anyway, and this latest move by Vista is not going to make it any better for the ones being marketed under their particular umbrella....As far as Aliant powder goes, I haven't been able to buy Unique or 2400 at will in a long time, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Point there being that Vista raising prices on what little does become available is not going to help their cause one bit. About all it is going to do is put it further out of reach for those of us who still prefer it to more modern substitutes.......Just my 02.
At any rate, yeah I agree with the premise of the thread in that like most anything else you can name, ammo ain't likely to get any cheaper than is is today.


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