Another "Expedition" ~ Pictures added Jan. 21, 2023

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Bob Wright

Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN USA
Yesterday, Friday January 20th, my niece and I made a trip to a National Wildlife Refuge we'd never been to before. Its Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge in west Tennessee. It sits on the Mississippi River just west of Ripley, Tennessee. No trails and viewing spots like Reelfoot, but interesting none the less. But in driving around we found an old "log" structure from many years back. I say "log" as it was really poles, as in creosoted poles. (Think utility poles) It was two structures, in shambles, and overgrown wiith trees and vines, sticker vines.

But it is great to be out in such a remote area, and we were to see thousands of snow geese and a few hawks plus mallards and some kind of sandpitpers.

I am very thankful to this one niece as she shares the same spirit of adventure as did Nita and she has really been supportive to me during his time.

When time permits, I will post some pictures.

Bob Wright


The structure as we found it:

Not sure what to make of it, it is on blocks to raise the floor level in high water, and there is remnants of a floor. Openings are small, about three feet square, certainly not a man-sized door that we found.
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Dec 4, 2021
Working for USFWS for over 20 years, I spent a fair amount of time on NWRs. I remember seeing my first wild alligator at St Marks NWR in Florida (Before I was with USFWS=I was interviewing for State Bear Coordinator for Florida state fish and game). Saw Flamingoes, and wood storks at Sonny Buono NWR at the Salton Sea (as well as peregrines). Lived near Sacramento NWR and saw all the snow geese, tundra and arctic swans, and lots of kingfishers, etc. Made lots of friends among refuge staff. I remember one guy who had a PhD in entomology (insects) but chose to work as a Supervisory Heavy Machine Operator because it got him outdoors more.

One niece and my daughter got their degrees in Biology; one great-nephew is planning on a career in Marine Biology and one nephew is looking at being a Park Ranger (NPS). Another nephew is in Animal Control (focusing on wildlife) and his fiancé is in animal rehabilitation. Two granddaughters and a niece are in biology-related fields. Met an ex-football player who had played for the 49ers and got his MS in Biology and was now managing a private habitat restoration company next to Sacramento Refuge.

Lots of memories, some good and some bad.
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