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Jan 4, 2009
Ocean Shores Washington
Hi guys

Bought a used 30 carbine Ruger and it appeared to be in next to new shape and I also had a gunsmith look it over. All seemed ok.

I cleaned the gun thoroughly after purchase and after every time used. Have only shot 50 or so rounds through it. see below

But with ammunition almost impossible to buy I picked some Aguila, mexican, and some Serbia made ammunition at a gun show. However when shooting both of these brands I experience the casings are extremely hard to get out of the chambers and in some cases I have had to resort to a wood dowel to tap the case out. These are full metal jacket rounds. 110 gr. FMJ

I was going to resort to reloading some see Gunbroker add number 138678363 listing some copper plated bullets 110gr RN.

I am taking up reloading as the cost to shoot has just gone out of sight for me.

Can anyone give me some advise on materials for new ammo (brands USA or other), reload supplies etc. on this 30 carbine or any other Rugers rifles, pistols and revolvers as I have many. Just aquired a used Mini 30 using 762X39 and come to find out manufactures use both large and small primers in the brass. remington uses the large.

What gives?

Thanks for any help.



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Welcome to the fun & frustration of shooting & reloading.
I have stuck with American made ammo for the brass when I reload. Foreign stuff seems to sometimes not have the same "tolerences" as we do here. And the 30 carbine has been noted to get 'sticky" at times.
Any American made brass is better than much of the foreign stuff when it comes to ease of reloading.
Starline brass is one of the best sources for new brass.
Reloading components are almost as hard to find as loaded ammo,,, especially primers.
The 7.62X39 ammo is one of the very few that suffer from the confusion of 2 different sizes of primers. Just seperate the different types of brass to keep from having problems,, load with rifle primers either small or large accordingly. Also,, check to make sure you use proper size bullets in the Mini-30. Basically,,, follow all the safe reloading procedures.