Ammo tests with PC 9mm Carbine

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Sep 30, 2016
During the pandemic "ammo crunch" I was looking for some JHP ammo for my PC 9 Carbine.
This was more than a year ago, I believe and ammo was scarce here behind enemy lines in "Commiefornia."
Fortunately at a local LAX Ammunition "parking lot sale" which was rare during the ammo panic, they had some Winchester 147gr JHP "Whitebox" a very common relatively "low end" but popular ammo.
I've seen YouTube videos testing these hollow points from out of pistols. They seemed to get decent results. Not maybe like Federal HSTs or Critical Defense but these heavier Winchester rounds did open up.
I was wondering if any of you Ruger Carbine guys have had any experience with these 147gr JHP rounds in a testing environment?
Either chronograph or ballistic gel tests?
I think the box advertises a velocity of 950 fps but I think that's out of a 4 or 5 inch pistol barrel (I suppose?).
Anyone tested this ammo out of a carbine length weapon?
Or can you direct me to a YouTube video test like this?
I've contacted a couple of YouTube content creator gun channels and requested such tests. One responded optimistically saying eventually he hoped to get around to it. I've seen him use the PC 9 at the range. Not so much withr gel, but he said he hoped to do it in the future.
Any feedback?


Dec 25, 2007
We fired some Win whitebox 147 JHP from a KelTec carbine at water filled milk jugs a month ago. Expansion was uneven and unimpressive with a frontal area approximately bullet diameter with jagged edges. Ballistic gel gives more resistance and may(?) be more like actual living tissue producing better expansion. That said, the Federal 147 HST @ 900-950 fps produced .60-.75" expanded frontal area in the same water jugs. Even Hornady 147 JHP showed better expansion than the Win.
I've run several brands of so called 'sub-sonic' 147 grain 9mm ammo through a 10.5" barrel over a chronograph and all I tried was 1100 fps or more. For this reason, I have to download to keep the bullets sub-sonic even in 7.5-8" barrels. One factory load I found that is 'usually' sub-sonic is the Federal 150 flatnose. 9mm bullets move a lot of air so need to be well below 1050fps to be quiet.


Jun 19, 2006
Midwest Illinois
I fired Win 147 and SIG 147 from my PC9 this morning. The Win went 1128fps and the Sig went 1021fps.
The Win expanded to .629 and the Sig .535. This was shot into a water filled detergent bottle backed by soaked newspaper.
I was pleased with both, especially the Winchester. Accuracy was the same.

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