American Ranch in 7.62x39

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Dec 7, 2008
So, I picked one of these up the other day. Initially, I was holding out for a Howa mini, but this came along first so I didn't feel like waiting God-knows how long, so I picked it up. I haven't even had it to the range yet, and I'm more and more impressed with this little rifle! Since I don't have any Mini-30 mags, I'll probably order the AR magwell from Ruger for $20 and use 7.62x39 AR mags. They're certainly cheaper than mini 30 mags.

I'm also trying to decide on a scope. I'm thinking something like a PA 1-6 ACSS would be about perfect for this?PA 1-6 ACSS

I'm also contemplating the Nodak sight set, but since these 7.62x39 RAR are inexplicably accurate, I thought a scope would be better.

Then I fell into a YouTube wormhole and found this...

That bolt handle looks pretty damn slick!

So who else has one of these slick little rifles, and what have you done to it?

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