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Frank Castle

Nov 30, 2009
I want a ruger super redhawk alaskan in 480 and since there as rare as hens teeth I tought about buying a reg. srh and making a alaskan out of it. Has this been done before and if so how did it turn out?


Nov 18, 2009
The Last Frontier...
I encountered this same situation, ready to buy the new 5 shot version only to find out they discontinued it! VERY disappointed.... Anyway, I pondered for a loooong time about cutting my SRH 7.5" down to have an easier carry gun for summer fishing and camping. One day I got so fed up with beating myself up with research, flip-flop decisions, and trying to find one online that I walked out to my shop stuck my SRH in the saw and cut the barrel off! :shock: I was finally commited and it felt great. I cut it down to 3.5" right at the edge of the warning label. The balnce was perfect. I installed a Weigand DX front sight base with a green Hi-Viz overmold sight. Went out back and chronoed a 6 shot group. Average fps was 1086 with 400 gr. Hardcast and H110. Control was very manageable and I have no regrets with my long awaited decision. :D Sorry so long winded but hope this helps. Would post a pic but not sure how on this sight. - Footedshaft

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