Alabama, Idaho, Ohio, Vermont and West Virginia Updates

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Gary Slider

Nov 23, 2007
West Virgiinia
Alabama - (Effective January 1, 2023) The Governor has signed HB 272 which makes Alabama a Permitless Carry State. They also amended parts of their parking lot storage law and Brandishing law. You can read the bill at

Idaho - (Effective July 1, 2022) The Governor has signed SB 1262 which puts real protection on firearms and just about everything associated with firearms doing a state of emergency including Public Health Emergencies. The law also states the Governor can’t add or detract from the laws doing an emergency. You can read the bill at

Ohio – (Effective Date near the middle of June) The Governor has signed SB 215 which makes Ohio Permitless Carry. You should read the bill to see the additions and redactions from Ohio Law as it is long and wordy.

Vermont - (Effective July 1, 2022) The Legislature overrode the veto of the Governor and S 30. This bill adds a section Bans firearms from Hospitals. They must be posted. It also added a section to existing law allowing for Non-Residents to take high cap mags into VT for a certified shooting match. You can read the bill at

West Virginia - (Effective May 24, 2022) The West Virginia Governor has signed HB 4048 which allows for the carrying of loaded firearms in vehicles. Previously only defensive handguns could be carried in a vehicle. WV is a Permitless Carry State. It also cleaned up the law as there were problems with carrying a defensive Long Gun in the forests of WV. The law prevents the carrying of an uncased rifle or shotgun carried specifically in a state park or state forest recreational facilities and marked trails within state park or state forest borders. The bill removed wording about long guns and other things. You can read the bill at

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