Air fryers.The new microwave or just the newest kitchen fad?

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Jun 25, 2016
Air fryer taste tip for those who feel the taste is off :

Go to a quality food store and get a small trigger type spray bottle

Next go to the olive oil section + the (gourmet section) and look for infused olive oil will find many flavors added to the olive oil such as garlic, basil, wine, citrus etc ..but if nothing else still spray a coating of light olive oil on just about all you fry

We just throw whatever we are going to fry raw potatoes for example the middle of yesterdays news paper ..spray ..season to taste and fry ..the olive oil WILL BROWN and crust anything you are frying in an air fryer



Jan 29, 2009
Southern KY
Interesting Amazon experience about the air fryer we bought. Between the time we bought ours for $69.99 and the few days later that I posted a link to the air fryer asking other's thoughts about the appliance, the seller's price dropped to about $55.00. I noted that in a participatory post here also. Penny and I had to talk to Amazon about something else two days ago, and I mentioned the frustration at the lowered price only a few days after our purchase. The Amazon lady said that she understood our frustration, and made arrangements right then and there (confirmed with an email to us) to refund $14 and change, which is the difference between what we paid and the new price. Money is back on the card we use. Wow. fantastic customer service. Fantastic (once I was able to get a hold of a real, live person). They actually call YOU, once you identify the question on their drop down screen. Ahh the new waves of commerce...

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