SOLD Adjustable site Bearcat and boxed OM Single Six 9.5"

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Dec 5, 2002
Idaho falls, ID
I have a couple more that need to move out to make room for some new additions. Prices listed below include shipping to your FFL. If insurance is requested that will add to the cost based on buyers' preference and will be exact cost for service. All posted "I'll Take It" will take precedence over PM sent or messages received via PM with few exceptions. Payment though check or money order. I do not accept electronic payments. All trades will be entertained but primarily working on my pre-63 display and working on examples of the autos. Not currently cross posted.

1. New Model Bearcat with adjustable sites New in the Box. I doubt this unit has been fired since it left the factory in 2015 as part of a limited run of units for, I believe, Lipsey's. Comes in original box with all paperwork and fired casing. Not a lot of these floating around and definitely a hard one for me to list. $775 shipped. SOLD





2. Boxed RSS9, 9.5" Single Six, with XR3-RED grip frame. I believe this is a 1966 production model. It has a 22lr cylinder in it and that is the only cylinder with it. I have never requested a letter from Ruger to verify if it was shipped as a convertible or just a 22lr but based on the year it was produced it is likely missing the 22-mag cylinder. It's in pretty good shape with only a slight cylinder ring and light bluing loss of the side of the end of the barrel. It has not been converted and does not have the transfer bar kit installed. Owner's manual is dated March 1965. The box is a little rough with some tape on the corners and some of the edges are torn through, but it is a marked RSS9 box. $650 shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS




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