A trio of old photos.........

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Bob Wright

Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN USA
This was my entire handgun battery around 1968 or so: Top to bottom: Custom Colt New Service .44 Special, Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum, Colt Officers Model Match .22 L.R., Harrington & Richardson .38 S&W top break:

By 1972 or so my battery looked like this. Top to Bottom: Ruger .22 Super Single Six, Ruger .357 Magnum Blackhawk, .Ruger Blackhawk .41 Magnum, Ruger Super Blackhawk. The Super Blackhawk was to have the brass grip frame added later:

The same guns, about 1980. The 5" Super Blackhawk has joined the group, the brass grip frame has been added to the Super Blackhawk, the steel grip frame has migrated to the .41 Magnum:

These from waaay back!

Bob Wright

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