A surprise in the safe

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Nov 30, 2008
Athens ,Ga.
I have three NIB MK678Gs in the safe. Local Gun Club last Saturday had a swap meet. So I pulled the MK678G that was in the plastic box as trading material. Other two are in the yellow cardboard boxes and I have a hard time selling those. So get to the swap meet and a I open the box just to get a better look at the gun. Hadn't had it out in awhile and guess I never looked at it closely. But it ended up being a factory D&T model and I did not know it. Have been searching for one for years. So of course it went back home with me. Had a couple of guys drooling over it but I had to tell them No Sale. But interesting part and maybe how I missed it all factory D&T models have had a B in a circle stamped on the label. This one doesn't. All my other D&T models are a 225-prefix, This one is a 226-prefix. Plus being NIB and immaculate I know it as to be factory.