A Great Day Shooting My Mark IV 22/45 Lite

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Jan 14, 2017
I've been fighting with my Black Mamba for a few weeks. Today I tried to install a Volquartsen Extended Safety and I broke the frame where the pivot spring goes. I guess I yanked on it too hard. When I went o to the range with the new ES it immediately fell out.

Fortunately I always take two guns with me. Today it was the Lite's turn. Using the same magazines I loaded them with my McFadden Ultimate Clip Loader and started experimenting with different ammo.

My normal Go-To round is the 40 grain CCI Blazer. I've had such good luck that I shoot these in practice and Steel Challenge Matches. I tested CCI Mini Mags and with no surprise I ran 150 rounds without a hitch. The Blazers did shoot tighter groups out of my gun.

Next I tried the 36 grain Blazers. It has the same profile as the 40 grain. I finished off an open box of 525 with about 300 rounds. I had one failure to fire but ejected the case quickly and kept going. I'm not going to worry about that round. It had a light strike from the firing pin.

Aguila Super Extra 40 grain brass coated went next. I could tell that this ammo is a bit hotter than the Blazers and the Mini Mags. I ended up punching the center out of my SplatterBurst 6 inch target. I will reserve this ammo for when I'm low on Blazers.

The Mark IV 22/45 Lite sports a Volquartsen Accurizing Kit giving me a 1.7 pound trigger. I opted for the Tandemkross Victory Trigger because I like the serrations and the flat design. A Game Changer Pro sits in front of the barrel but I also use a Carolina Crusher from time to time because it is easier to clean.

Rounding it all off I have a Volquarten Bolt, slicker that any of the Ruger Bolts I have on hand, Bill Striplin Thumb Rest, CornerStone Safety and C-More Railway Sight with 12 MOA dot on a Allchin mount finishes this pistol.

No matter how long it takes Ruger to fix my frame this gun will be used for practice and any SCSA matches that may fruition.


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