For Sale 700 rounds of .308 ammo. Sale or trade Southern AZ

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Nov 3, 2007
Douglas, AZ, USA
I have 700 rounds of .308 ammo for sale or trade. These are commercial reloads in military brass with 168 grain hollow point bullets. This is .308 Win ammo. Disclaimer: This is not 7.62x51 ammo. This ammo is suitable for modern bolt rifles marked "308 Win". This ammo IS NOT suitable/not safe for semi auto rifles intended for 7.62 NATO. 2 bags with 250 rounds each - $150 per bag. The 3rd bag with 200 rounds is $125. That is approx. 60 cents per round. Each bag has a paper inside that says these reloads were made by "SLASH K CUSTOM AMMO", in Tucson, AZ. I will trade these for equal amount of 5.56 green tip 62 grain. Local FTF in southern AZ - willing to meet in Tucson and surrounding areas.


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