454 Casull Super Redhawk Trigger

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Nov 12, 2023
Louisville, ky
Hello All
Just joined this forum. I own several and love ruger firearms.
One of which is a 454 casull super Redhawk.
The trigger is FAR too heavy, inconsistent, and too much travel.
I have done bolt action (rem 700, ruger m77 mkII) and AR trigger work many times with great results.

Should I attempt this super Redhawk?
If so, I'm assuming polish and shim kit are a must have. What else am I looking at? Any good spring kits?

Or should I look into having a Smith do the work? If so who?
I'm in Louisville, KY if there are any good ruger smith's close.

This is a hunting gun. I do not want potential light hammer strikes / fail to fires. But i am handloading, looking for good accuracy, and do want to stretch its legs for some longer distance work. At this point the trigger is so bad it's hard to do load development as my ammo is already more accurate than I can shoot the gun with the poor trigger pull.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Ron IL

Dec 29, 2016
Southern Illinois
I had a 454 Alaskan Super Redhawk. The trigger unit is the same as a GP100. You can fix it easy. I just smoothed out the parts and put the suggested springs in it. My GP100 has about 2000 rounds through it and trigger pull is like 2 lb. It is a target gun to me. I got rid of my Alaskan. I loaded 45 Colt so I could make some mild loads for it. It shot really good. I just didn't need a big pistol at the time and traded it off. Wish I had it back now. I am loading 45 Colt again for my grandson.