45 Colt BisHunter project range report...

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Jan 26, 2009
It was 15 above when I got up today so I thought I'd head to the range at about noon. By that time it was 4 above but hey, I gotta shoot this gun!

This is my first time shooting a handgun with a scope... wow! How cool! No need to focus on the site blade and try to hit a fuzzy target! I really like this 2x Weaver. It was easy to bring the gun up and get on the sweet spot for shooting. I had no problem with blackout while trying to find the target when pulling it up and shooting off hand. After shooting and coming back onto target it was right there. Pretty cool.

Well, now for the range report of the 45 Colt SBH Bisley Hunter. I started off with 255gr rnfp I had cast from my lee 6 banger mould over 8.5 gr Unique. Nice plinkin rounds. Sized with a Lee .452 sizer, tumble lubed with Lee Liquid Alox. I set up at 25 yds to get this thing dialed in. Oh, and the wifey got me a Belt Mountain base pin for Christmas so I put that in. It tighten it up a bit. Bore is .451 as are the throats as near as I can measure. I cannot push a .452 boolit through the cylinder. I'll get it reamed and then shoot the same rounds and see how it does. Anyway, here's how it went.

First 2 rounds were about 3-4 inches low so I cranked the scope up a ways and shot these 4.


Cranked it up a few more clicks and shot this group of 6. Hey, this working pretty good!


Cranked it over a few clicks and shot this group. Got a little excited on this one with the flyer.


I shot few more of the 255ers at junk at the range and then shot 9 of the 350gr Hammers over 21gr H110. The only ones I have lubed and gas checked. It looks like I've got some work to do with this load. Probably a combination of things I would guess.


Then I shot some 200gr SWC's over 8gr Unique off the rest.


And then I shot these standing off hand, I need some more practice.


Once I adjusted the scope the first time I didn't touch it after that. All 3 of these load have pretty close to the same point of impact.

All I can say is man, I LOVE THIS GUN!! this thing is a blast to shoot and with the scope I can see what I'm aiming at. I was shooting pop cans across the range at 25yds like an ol' time gunslinger in the movies with the 200 and 255ers. What a blast. Next time out I'll get it dialed in at 50 yards and see how I can shoot. And maybe load up some Cast Performance 335 or 360's and see how they group compared to the 350 with the uber wide metplat.

My puma 92 454 levergun shoots em pretty good though in 45 Colt brass. This is with open sites off a rest last summer. The loaded round in the pick is a 454 though.



Feb 15, 2009
SW Ohio
Good shooting there. Nice outfit. I have the same gun except in 44 mag and this one I put a Ultra Dot red dot on it. Already took a deer with it this year.
4 degrees-all right.