SOLD 45 cal bullets

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Dec 2, 2021
Tyler TX
8 boxes of Lehigh defense solid copper bullets. All full boxes of 50 except I loaded 6 from one of the 250g boxes, that one has 44. Included one box of 50 hornady 300g hp xtp.
The lehighs are 205g xtreme defense, 250g xtreme penetrator, 300g high velocity xtreme penetrator and 300g wide flat nose. All sized .452.
These add up to 547.99 plus shipping on midway and lehigh defense site. I'm asking $300 shipped. Let me know if interested. I really rather sell as one lot. Clearing up space. My loss is your gain.

PRICE DROP $250 shipped. MO or check preferred.
Had a few trade questions. Never hurts to send pics of knives, ruger blackhawk and vaquero related stuff, and starline 45 colt brass.


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