40th Anniversary CZ 75 B 9mm

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Oct 31, 2007
I saw this CZ 75 at the SHOT Show in 2015 and fell for it immediately. Some don't like the engraving and some don't like the stocks (they're California birdseye maple that are stained purple), but both worked for me. I've been following them the last three years and they've leveled off in price since they sold out quickly the first six months they were offered. This one was on Gunbroker and I got it for much less than the others I had seen. Turned out to be a 3 hour round trip drive to the gun shop to pick it up but they were very friendly and it was a great experience. It was nice to be able to see pictures of the actual gun to judge the grain on the stocks too.

The CZ 75 B (the "B" means it has the firing pin safety as opposed to the first CZ 75 pistols) comes in a nice leather covered case:

The blue is that old world blue that is truly a hue of blue and not black:

I really like the tribal engraving pattern. It is done with a hammer and chisel all by hand. The small parts are rainbow nitride:

It's the 40th Anniversary 1975-2015 limited edition of 999 pistols:

Cocked and locked like a 1911 if you wish, or double action for the first shot:

Certificate of issuance as #934 of 999:

One guy at the gun store said when I was picking it up, "You're not going to shoot it are you?"
I replied, "Of course! I'm going to shoot the daylights out of it!"
He said, "But it's unfired!"
I said, "No it isn't. Here is the test target. It's already been fired. Not shooting it would be silly."

I put two hundred rounds through it this morning and it was flawless. Shot directly to point of aim too!

Look at that filthy dirty muzzle! I should send the guy at the gun shop the photo! Ha!

The DA trigger for the first shot is long but smooth. The SA trigger is just over 4 pounds on my Lyman digital trigger pull gauge. When dry firing the CZ 75 B, I can feel the firing pin block move just as the trigger reaches the rear of its travel. But when actually firing the gun, that little bit of pressure disappears. It comes with Meprolight night sights too. Excellent sights!

The only thing I didn't like about the gun was that CZ uses a philips head screws for the grips. I think only Hi-Point does that too. It's soooo ugly! So I bought a pair of standard slot screws a couple months ago when I placed an order with Brownells. I figured one day I'd get one of these guns so why not save on the cost of shipping since the screws were inexpensive, right? I polished them, heated them, and then quenched them is the same 20 year old cap of used black motor oil from my Mustang and they turned a nice fire blue.

Another grail gun off the list! My fire was stoked after touring Col. Jeff Cooper's home, The Sconce, last October and seeing his CZ 75 (actually a Springfield Armory P9) next to his Bren Ten in his vault. "Oh yeah, I did want a CZ 75 didn't I?"



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Dec 30, 2008
I like it! Bet it looks even better in person.

I bought the last Cold War Commemorative they had and also replaced those hideous phillips head grip screws. Looks like I'm not the only one that ugly jumped out at :)

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