4.2" Ruger barrels

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Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
OK, just made a stop at Scheels today in Des Moines and noted the first 4.2" barreled GP100 that I've seen, a KGP141 serial number 175-71907. I figured I would look pretty "geeky" if I took a 25' tape measure in the store with me to measure a DA barrel, so I just took a writing pen, measured off 4" and put a piece of tape at that mark... so I made it easy to check for the 4.2" barrel.
Now, does anybody have a 4.2" barreled GP100 earlier thn 175-71907?
What's the highest actual 4" barreled GP100 somebody knows of? Maybe the blue guns are still coming with 4" barrels?

The earliest 4.2" barreled Bearcat I've had reported is 93-44681, a stainless gun. But before that, I only know of 93-41063 which still has a true 4" barrel. A 4.2" barrel will be easy to see on the Bearcat because the barrel will extend past the ejector housing by over 3/16", whereas the true 4" barreled gun has a barrel that pretty much ends with the end of the housing.

The only Redhawk Scheels had in the store was a .45 with short barrel, serial number 503-58632, and it still had a true 4" barrel. Anybody heard of a 4.2" barrel in the short barreled Redhawks yet?

Sep 15, 2009
4.2" barrel is for the Canadian market.

A 4" barrel is prohibited and cannot be imported.

That .2" makes it legal to import.

Silly is it not.