3rd to the last update until I head home..

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Mar 5, 2006
It has been grueling.. but then it always is for me.... It's just the way I roll I guess..
Amongst other things I have been working on my online crud.. (career)... I suppose I should have claimed a domain, or 30, decades ago... It seems all the good names are taken!...
It took me three days to finally find a name that reflects my "Brand"? Heck.. I don't really know exactly what that means!! All I know is that I wanted/needed something that was transferable...
I know most of you here think of me being in Alaska... But the fact is.. I may NOT, always be in Alaska... (South Dakota is looking awfully sweet right now!)
So I finally found a name that is somewhat in keeping with my lifestyle, and can travel with me... Some of you may not care for it.. but it is easy to remember.. (I think anyhow)..
I just got the domain transferred, to my website, and it did show up for me, almost immediately.
I still need to get the email address attached,, and I need to update the name on the website.. which I will do today..
This winter I will be adding my own built products to the page, but that will take time. I do need some guinea pigs to help with R&D, however. So if anyone is interested we can talk more... a bit later..
There are tons of logistics to work out...
My webpage is secure.. so if anyone would like to peruse and maybe.. well.. you know.... (keep me from starving.....). I will say that I have NOT seen all the items in person (I order samples to inspect.. but I am designing to many things.. I can't order them fast enough... I want to verify that they look correct... But if anything is wrong I will replace it or $$$.. So far I'm pleased with the end result...
So if you are interested please check out:
Let me know what you think....
5 and a wake-up and I'll be boating up river....

ciao, y'all