.357 for SP101

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son of a gunder

Feb 16, 2009
This has come up a few times, including one post I started a long time ago.

A 2.25" barrel SP101 is my CCW. I carry the extra heft to manage recoil, and if I am going to live with that weight, then I want .357 instead of +P.

Been having problems finding .357 that I could confidently shoot and get consistent groups, so I lived with +P for a while. Better to carry rounds you know you can use well than rounds you question your consistency with. At least that is my carry philosophy.

Yesterday I tried Cor Bon .357 110 gr JHP. It must be the smaller grain size than other 130+ gr .357 ammo I've tried (even "low recoil" Federal .357). Nice "snap-like" recoil. A pleasure to shoot actually. My groups were very consistent and I felt confident with each trigger pull. I'm carrying it now.

Apologies if a commercial for Cor Bon. But a .357 CCW success story for me I thought I would share with others trying to graduate beyond +P.

Stay safe, stay true.


Jun 29, 2006
Dededo, Guam
Revolvers take plenty of practice.

One thing I have found that for one that does not shoot a lot, the grip that feels natural can easily be wrong. I started watching the outdoor channel, and observing how the pro's shot revolvers. After watching that I discovered I was holding my revolver wrong. I discovered you want a very high hold on the pistol. the web of skin between your index finger and thumb should be touching the metal at the top of the grip (an even better grip is when the hammer just touches the web of skin when cocked). I discovered that by holding the grip that way I was able to have more control over the handgun and I was able to shoot quicker and more accuratly. I discovered that this hold virtually eliminates muzzle rise. I also found that, at least for me, Hogue grips really do not work well for this hold.



Dec 6, 2004
Indianapolis, IN USA
I too am a big Cor-Bon guy. I carry the 125 gr HP .357 in my SP 101 and the 165 gr .44M and .44 Spl HP in my Alaskan for HD. Good rounds with low flash powder.

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