257STW barrel and reloading components

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Dec 5, 2002
Idaho falls, ID
This is probably not the best place to hit the most people that would be interested in this set up, but I've had better luck with better people here than elsewhere, so I figured to give it a go.

The barrel is a Lilja stainless tapered octagon that was chambered for 257STW and fit to a Winchester pre-64. I don't remember the twist, but I planned to shoot 100-120 grain bullets down it so that determined the twist. I had the gunsmith leave the barrel length as long as possible from the original blank due to the caliber. I purchased the reloading dies, sizing lube, bullets, and bummed 20 empty cases of 7STW brass from my brother. It was fit and bedded into the stock well over 15 years ago and then life got in the way. All of my reloading components went into storage and that is how it sat for those years. Reality has hit that I am not going to be able to reload for it so I had a gunsmith remove the barrel last year and that is where it has sat until today to take the pictures. Bottom picture is it mounted to the stock and action.

Components included as pictured:

Lilja stainless tapered octagon barrel
RCBS reloading dies
Imperial Sizing Lube
(3) Boxes of bullets - 190 Speer 100 grain and 50 Nosler Accubond 110 grain
(20) empty brass

$650 shipped.






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