20 Miles Out Of Town And Cold Irons Bound

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Oct 8, 2022
I tested my new medium I made up for the plinker this morning and it was a success, blew a hole right through it at 30ft.
(cutting board plastic with a layer of molding clay covered over with thick terry cloth)

However perhaps by next year I will have to rework the load (powder charge) if I go down to the 14 inch barrel of the Shockwave as I'll be losing anywhere from 60-90 fps in velocity as the barrel is six inches shorter than the plinkers at 20 inches.

Then I tested the new Federal punch ammo in my 9mm 124gr I picked a up a few weeks back to see if it would cycle ok. It did, ran two mags through. Price is right, around $1.05 a round not to bad for defensive carry ammo. A box of 20 will last me quite awhile as I only ever shoot a few at a time as my mags are loaded with only the top two JHP and the rest ball. And then I rarely shoot over two mags worth as I focus more on my 12 gauge.


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