1989 Davidson NR5F Single Six, Wells gripped

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sack peterson

Dec 5, 2005
Lakeland, MN
Limited run Davidson Dist model Single Six from 1989. What's unique about these, is they are a New Model with Old Model type Single Six sights. I'm to understand from another recent post they did 500 in 4 3/4, 500 in 5.5, and 500 in 500 in 6.5.

'Resto mod' with a fitted Ronnie Wells 1860 grip frame and his grip blanks finished out. Grip frame was edge matched and gun was reblued (TGW). Its a looker and is very stable in the hand. I believe its the mag cyl pictured installed. I do have an lr cyl that goes with it and works well, its an OM s6 cylinder that has not been reblued but is fine cosmetically. Has been to the range since completion, gun runs great.


I'm not in the building business per se but far as it goes I did build this out and my trade name 'sack peterson' is machine etched on the interior grip frame. I like this gun a lot, selling somewhat to build more.

$800 shipped to FFL.
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