10/22 Magpul Backpack Takedown - Scope Mounting Options

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Oct 20, 2015
I've been wanting a takedown version of the 10/22 and finally purchased the Magpul Backpacker version (Model 21182). The stock sights are a front fiber optic and a rear adjustable sight both on the barrel segment forward of the receiver.

My thought was to put a scope on this that would be removeable with some type of QR mounting option to be able to utilize the iron sights when removed. The supplied Ruger mounting plate does not allow use of the sights.

It looks like Weaver has mount where the center channel might be deep enough to see at least the front sight post.
EGW is another option with a 10MOA mount for the takedown and a center channel that may front sight view.
And then I see Tactical Solutions has both a 0MOA or 15MOA mount with center channel/groove.
All are priced between $10-30 so not price is not an issue.

If anyone has had success with one of these mounts (or another) for use of the irons sights, suggestions? Is any MOA rise recommended or even needed with the takedown?

Next decision would be what QR mount or rings for a 1" tube. I won a scope as a match prize, Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32mm 1" tube with parallax focus down to 7yards. Probably a bit overkill for a 10/22 takedown, but not that large or heavy, and it was free.

Looks like QR rings (Burris, Warne, Leupold) are relatively inexpensive options for two piece rings. Single piece mounts are a little more like the Burris PEPR, all the way up to American Defense, etc.

Any experience with any of these QR/QD options and there ease of use and close return to zero? A good mounting base and decent QR scope mount should be all I need unless I am missing something.

Appreciate suggestions.