10/22 internal trigger parts question.

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Aug 22, 2008
martinsburg, wv
So I have a few 10/22's, and I was digging around in the back of the safe and came out with the first one I bought. It's a 10/22 target, the one with the spiral heavy as an anchor barrel. I had not looked at or shot this gun in at least 10 years, and when I was fiddling with it I noticed how much better the trigger was on this gun compared to all the others.

So I was wondering, is there a specific part such as a spring or sear that makes this trigger that much better, or is there simply more hand fitting involved in the manufacture??

I ask because if there is a part or two that is making the difference, maybe I could buy them and install them into my other 10/22's. I did notice that all the advertisements for the target models stated "target trigger" as an option.

:twisted: If not, then I fear that the entire trigger group may "mysteriously" migrate to my favorite 10/22 international....
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
the two parts that meet and then slip apart when you pull the trigger along with the spring that is holding them together and throws the hammer forward are the key. I think it's pretty hard in mass manufacturing to make every one exact. Even on one run the cutting machines will wear and change the tolerances.

The three items you are looking at are the sear, hammer and hammer spring. I've had good luck with the Volquartsens as long as you aren't putting them on the new plastic ones.

As a side note.. I really like the Volquartsen bolt release too.

Here's what I like.... from Midway (but they seem to be on backorder.... I order one anyway or at least do the notification thingy)

http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?p ... ber=145851


Jul 4, 2007
West Central LA
The way to fix the backorder problem is to just keep several "on hand" in case you get a chance to pick up another 10/22. :mrgreen: