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New member from PA

Post by dweis »

Long time gun owner here. My only reason for having a gun now is self defense. My sporting days are over. I will be 80 in late April, and I have good fortune of having good health.

I have had a variety of handguns over the years including Ruger, Walther, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and others. Recently I have scaled back to only having only a recently purchase of a Security 9 Compact. I liked the fact that the Security 9 Compact can accommodate the 15 round magazine of the larger model. When it comes to self defense more in the gun is better. Daily I carry the pistol and two 15 round mags. 30+1 makes me comfortable

I have both PA and AZ permits so I can CC in 37 states. I do not care to go to the ones I cannot carry in. I learned to shoot in the Marine Corps where I served for 10 years. Happy to be aboard.
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Re: New member from PA

Post by mistermills357 »

I have guns and they are meant for self defense, one holds 12 rounds and one holds 9 rounds. I am 60 years old and to feeble to fight with my hands and feet anymore.

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: New member from PA

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Welcome from central PA (State College), you can have a lot of fun on this forum and you can easily impart the wisdom you have gained over the years. Thank you for your service.
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Re: New member from PA

Post by arcticruger »

Welcome aboard!
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Re: New member from PA

Post by any ruger »

Lots of us feeble guys out here from theIron Range in northern Mn.
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Re: New member from PA

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Welcome to from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest! HOOAAAHHHH!!!!!
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