Unique Ruger 45

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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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Great post. Thank you.
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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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muzzleloader wrote:Very nice post. I love those grip scales, remind me of an old briar pipe. Kinda friendly like.
You know, I hadn't thought of that. But you're right, does remind me of an old pipe. And that's no slander!

Bob Wright
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Re: Unique Ruger 45

Post by gramps »

Good looking gun, with fantastic richly colored grips. I am curious, why the AR as opposed to the .45 colt? Do you get similar ballistics, with less powder?
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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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Gramps, sorry for the late reply. Just something different, I have an OM 45 Ruger with the 45 acp cylinder plus other 45 bisley's. This just seemed like such a neat cartridge & I had the Keith mold laying around which is a dandy, wider meplat than the Keith #452424 actually, so it's a great hunting bullet.
I'm headed up to Montana some time next week to hunt white tails & this gun is going with me, hoping to whack something with it. I know the gun is capable.

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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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That .45 is NICE!

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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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Very nice indeed
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Re: Unique Ruger 45

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Read your write-up over on SingleActions and just stumbled across it here. That must be one of the most understated and handsome sixguns I've ever seen. A true gentleman's gun, if there ever was one. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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