Ruger 30-06 Guide Gun

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Ruger 30-06 Guide Gun

Post by bentblade »

Are the Guide Guns in 30-06 hard to come and bringing a premium?
All I see on Gun Broker are the 375s?
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Re: Ruger 30-06 Guide Gun

Post by kooz »

I think any Ruger hunting rifles are hard to find except maybe the Americans . Seems to be a shortage of hunting rifles by any maker in general except for 6.5 creed or PRC . I have thinking about buying another mdel 70 Win , but there really isn't much out there , seems everybody had been focusing on black guns for the end of the world and forgot about hunting season
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Re: Ruger 30-06 Guide Gun

Post by powder smoke »

Most of us have everything one needs, least wise I'm happy! YMMV

BTW I seen them around especially in New Hampshire. In Newport NH call rody's gun shop
Just down the road from the Ruger factory you can almost hit it with a rock!
Here is the Number. good chance he's got something, Been years since I been there
but he use to ship. (603) 863-3356
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Re: Ruger 30-06 Guide Gun

Post by Mobuck »

I can see this being a limited interest sort of item and therefore, maybe not a high production rifle.
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