Ruger LC9s finish wiping off

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Ruger LC9s finish wiping off

Post by hurst01 »

I have a Ruger LC9s. it was bought several years ago but never fired. My Brother-in-Law passed away early this year and I bought it from his wife. I just started carrying it about 6 weeks ago and decided to clean it. I noticed a strange looking stain on the left front of the slide. I couldn't wipe it off. I used a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to see if I could get it off. When I took the cloth away I almost dirtied my pants. The black oxide came off all the way to the bare metal. There is no way that the finish should just wipe away like cheap paint.
I just sent a message to Ruger to see what I could do about it. I have an idea that they will tell me nothing can be done about it. I have been around guns all my life and spent 23 years in the military. Never have I seen something like this happen. I have an idea they will tell me that I can have it re-blued at a cost.


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Re: Ruger LC9s finish wiping off

Post by FergusonTO35 »

You never know, they might just replace the slide for you. The flat black finish they put on their cheaper models like the P95 is not very rugged. The LC9S was being marketed as a more premium gun at the time, so I don't know if it had that finish.
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Re: Ruger LC9s finish wiping off

Post by MitchSC »

The specs say Finish: Blued. But it is not the deep blued finish of the past. It may even be a cold blued process. The finish is worn off the top side corners of slide, top of rear sites, slide lock and and safety on mine. Basically where it contacts my pocket holster.
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Re: Ruger LC9s finish wiping off

Post by hittman »

What kind of holster did you put it in?

I put a revolver in a new leather holster once and a couple days later the gun had surface rust. I’ll always believe that was from something that had been applied to the leather in its tanning or assembly process.

Still …. The finish shouldn’t just rub off your gun but, Ruger may ask what the finish was subjected to.
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