LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

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LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

Post by toothache#1 »

The first time I tried to eject an unfired cartridge from my new LCP Max using Sig V crown 90 gn JHP the front of the bullet lifted up partially but jammed on the front of the ejection port. The con cavity of the front of this bullet is quite large and the edge of the bullet is sharp so I guessed it was the shape of the bullet that was the problem. I had previously shot the gun using round nose Fmj and the spent case ejected fine but I did not shoot it more than 20 times due to the scarcity of ammo. I also tried different bullets and I had the same result. I returned it to the store and they had better results explaining to me that I could not “baby” the gun when cycling it by hand. Ok, I get it but here is the issue. If I try to unload 10 rounds, eight will eject properly when I cycle it vigorously but a couple will hang up and it takes all the force I can muster to eject that particular round, much more so than the other 8 cycled successfully , and when I do eject that difficult round then the slide does not go forward to it’s normal firing position and I have to bump it forward. Has anyone else had issues like this? Does anyone have any suggestions about solving it? I am a little older, but the store clerk managed to insult me by asking if I was ready for an EZ model, meaning the EZ Shield I guess.
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Re: LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

Post by 5of7 »

I think the gun is designed to stay open when an empty magazine is in the gun.

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Re: LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

Post by hittman »

I’d say put 200 or 300 rounds thru it before you decide if it needs to be fixed. They do need a break-in.
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Re: LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

Post by Gunslinger_56 »

Just bought one for the wife - noticed a similar issue. My solution was to "sharply" pull back the slide to get the round to eject. A casual pull does not do it - takes a hard/fast pull...
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Re: LCP Max ejection of unfixed bullet difficulty

Post by Cholo »

The gun is working as designed it it fires and ejects them just fine. No one can cycle a slide as fast as shooting one does :)
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